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ICE Journals – Institute of Civil Engineers publicationsWind Power
REA – Renewable Energy AssociationNational Grid UK
Intermittent Power Source
Seawater Greenhouse
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Blogarama – the Blog Directory
CDM Projects Around the World
Personal finance guide
UN climate change
World Meteorological organizationAems specialize in supplying of various products and testing software like yatesmeter, ultrasonic flow meter, portable flow meter, power and
energy meter to measure the pumping schedule and efficiency accurately.ESL India introduces a new range of electricity meter design, electricity prepayment meter, prepayment metering solution and electronic energy meter.PRI – Wide range of smart metering including smart metering solution,smart home displays,smart home systems.

CEWE Instrument recognized for excellence in analog panel instruments, position indicator manufacturer, analogue panel meter, digital panel
instruments, electrical multifunction transducer and electrical shunt. Also manufacturers digital panel meter, panel meters, instrument panel, electrical shunts and current transformer.

Entity-Group, India’s leading energy metering company provides comprehensive energy metering solutions and home energy controls. Also provide new range of advanced metering systems, digital panel instruments, electronic energy meter.

Datagen Services provides energy metering solutions for revenue management. Also provides bureau services for energy utility management and utility revenue protection.

E.quinox is a non-profit, humanitarian project that hopes to bring cost-effective renewable energy to developing countries.

HiLux 5

Machine Tools – CNC Machinery and Machine Tools for sale from UK Suppliers.

Enipedia – Collecting the facts on the energy industry worldwide.