Downloading Files

In addition to original front page articles, Claverton Energy Group provides access to a useful energy files – general papers, conference papers, technical briefings, energy data etc. These are stored in the Library under the categories below.

NOTE: These are quite separate from the original Claverton articles appearing in the front of the site, and  so files cannot be searched from the front search panel / tag cloud / Category Search  (yet!) – you have to manually look through the Subjects Headings below.

If you have any files you think should be published send them to admin on the contact from – but make sure you write a descriptive paragraphs containing key words.

We encourage established registered users to ask for publishing rights so that they can upload files themselves.

We are always looking for original energy articles and if of high quality these can be published in the Article section on the front of the website.

Choose file downloads from the following Subjects Headings (Note – these are quite different from the Categories in the article Category Search);