Who We Are

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The Claverton Energy Group is a loose collection of individuals from various organisations with expertise in various areas related to energy, government policy, technology, engineering, finance, management, environment, climate change, transportation, agriculture, water, waste disposal and more. Private (to the group members) discussions are initiated in the Claverton mailing list.

The intention is to facilitate information exchange, news, business deals (Business Directory), and other mutually beneficial transactions

It also a mechanism where participants, for example journalists or other interested parties, can pose a question and get a very rapid and informed response – to participate you need to register on the site, and with the Claverton mailing list. Dialogues initiated between members of the mailing list,  often give rise to well considered articles and News Briefs which are continually published on this site.

When registered on the site, you can publish articles provided they have been discussed by group members and are deemed to be of a suitable standard.

Use the search box at top right, or Category search, or the Tag Cloud to find articles of interest.  Files and articles from other sites are available in the Library / Downloading Files Tab off the main menu.


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