Editorial Policy

There is no editorial policy as such – anyone can post anything to the mailing lists of  forums, as long as it is a professionally / experientially based opinion and not a mere fanciful opinion or assertion  – We have only ever blocked a handful of emails considered personal / sarcastic / ab hominem, and one or two trivial points. No technical opinions are moderated and the group as a whole has no collective view – ie is neither for or against anything.

Thus the vast majority of emails go through unmoderated

Where some members have been critical of this editorial policy, we have offered them (and anyone else) the chance to have their own email list which they can moderate and apply their own editorial policy as they see fit.

Mailman lists:

There are about 15 such lists, (below) and the idea is that you can be in all, some  or only one, thus limiting emails you receive to the subjects of your choice. You are able to subscribe or desubscribe at will. Let us know if you want one to suit you and your interests and / or you want to moderate any lists.

You can also set each mail list to be All emails, Daily Digest, or No emails, in the latter case you can still post and view the list archive.

So we welcome people to take the opportunity to moderate any of the lists below – and apply their own editorial policy, – or to suggest new lists  they would like to see or to  moderate – bear in mind this will bring untold, lucrative consultancy opportunities your way, and the chance to meet fascinating and interesting people and travel Club Class to exotic locations.




Buildingheating and efficiency

Claverton-Group – Discussion of future energy and power scenarios

Dispersedgeneration -Decentralised,dispersed power generation

Financeeconomics – About finance and economics

General news snippets

Grid, supergrid, etc.

Kindlingcoffee – The Kindling Cafe networking list

Local energy solutions

Offshore wind – Offshore wind issues

Personal transport -Transport, technology and use of


Water treatment, supply and irrigation


Claverton has considerable “below the radar” influence we have a number of highly placed individuals who merely observe but who have to stay anonymous due to their positions, but who report Claverton stuff into government and academic circles. Also all sorts of news and academic articles stem from discussions we cover here. a large number of individuals work at senior levels for large energy utilities. We have at least one ex CEO of an international oil company who receives our stuff.