Find an article

Articles (or posts, in WordPress speak) appear on the front page of the Claverton Site, along with NewsBriefs

(Articles are almost exclusively original, and have high originality and credibility and a degree of Peer Review.)

To find an article there are various ways:

Search Box: –  Put in a search term – say “Biochar” in the search box at top right – this will come up with a list of articles – click on the one you want.


Tag Cloud: – click on the Tag most closely matching your interest in the Tag Cloud at left –  not all Tags are shown – only the most frequently cited – so click on the Tag closest to your item of interest – in this case – ccs, CCS or  Carbon Capture and Storage. Hovering over a Tag reveals the number of topics covered.  The larger the Tag font, the more topics.


Categories: – Or you could click on the category box on the left, revealing all the Categories, and pick a likely one.  There are less categories than Tags, so just pick on the most likely one – could be CCS or carbon capture / ccsin this case if you were looking for biochar.

Or you can go to the centre of the front page and click on:

                         Popular Articles Recent Comments Most Commented

This will probably bring up the article – in this case Recent Comments bring it up straight away.