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You can get the site to send you updates whenever:

a) A new original article is added  – simply click on NewsFeed – top right of front page

b) Someone comments on an article – simply click on Comment Feed top right of front page

c) Any forum post is made – click on Subscribe to Claverton Forum Summaries by email  – located halfway down right hand column of front page.

d) A particular forum (or thread) is added to  – go to the forum, or thread you are interested in, click on Thread Tools and click on Subscribe to this forum  (or thread )

e) A group email is sent – simply subscribe to the email circulation list by clicking on Mailing List Service  – at left hand of front page. (you can choose, all email, daily digest, or no emails – web access only)

A) Locating original Claverton Articles or News Briefs


These are original quality articles (on front of the site) contributed by users and have not appeared anywhere else.  Find these by using the:

Search Box. – Put a search term in the  Top Right – this will bring up all those original articles in Claverton which match the search terms.

Or the

Categories – Select one of the categories you are interested at Page Left – anything we have allocated to a category will appear. (You may have to look in several categories). You can think of these as chapters in a book.

Or the

Tag Cloud – All articles also have TAGS – these are  not the same as categories – think of these as index entries in a book. if you click on a tag Page Left then all articles with that tag will appear.  The larger the type face the more articles per tag, so select the smallest tag cloud that is appropriate.

Feel free to send original articles for uploading.

Note – the above 3 methods does not find any files in the Downloads or Library section – to find these see below:

Useful Files from non-Claverton Sources

Downloads – Library

This is quite separate from the Article finding mechanisms listed above – We have uploaded numerous relevant  files to the site, and these have been allocated to one of the 35 sub headings in the Library Tab. You can click on a heading here and look down for the file you may be interested in – they have some sort of description where appropriate.

Feel free to send useful files for uploading.

Unfortunately, the search box in the library is not working currently

Claverton Energy Group Mailing list

This contains information of a more informal nature. If you join this list then you can pose relevant questions (- but you don’t have to sign up to receive emails in return). You can elect to receive emails and choose particular categories of information using Topics.  The archive from this list, also contains many nuggets of useful information and  is fully search able.


The forum also contain useful information and these can be searched.  Feel free to join the forum

Business directory

This contains information about companies and organisations which may be relevant.  Feel free to add your business.

Claverton Wiki

This is a part of the site where anybody can edit and upload information. (All other areas are subject to editorial control)  Feel free to make your additions.