job/vacancy for site engineer in Hull Yorkshire

A biomass engineering company are urgently looking for an experienced engineer to work on site supervising the final installation and commissioning of a small, 300 kWe wood to electricity, chp, gasifier plant.  This is quite complex, lots of pipes, valves, sensors, automation, wood feeders, ash feeders and so on  etc and they need someone fast and can pay well.

You’ll have to be located near Hull during the week. Job will last about 3 months on site, initially on a contract basis, but  with the potential for permanent employment. Basic French a distinct advantage”

So any electrical / mechanically / electronic / even civil qualified engineers with site experience please contact me asap and I will pass details on

tyningroad(the at sympol )

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  1. Job Vacancy Site Engineer Hull YorkshireI 8 March 2013. I would like to apply for the post of CHP Site Engineer in Hull Yorkshire as I have all the skills you require for this job. Despite my age I am full of Energy having dug out my own Front extension Foundations, consisting of sever Cubic meters of digging and filling in with concrete and a very heavy Steel Girder construction which I all did single handed myself. As I was bored without a job, I also have built myself a back extension consisting of a Garden Room and covered Veranda, all in heavy solid bolted & welded Aluminium Construction. Pleas let the pictures of me in my CV not deceive you, because of all the wok I had done, I am as strong as a man of 30 or 40! David Andrews from Claverton Energy Group will be able to verify all my claims, if you send me an e-mail I will send you my application and CV in return. PS. I am also the proud Owner of a Renault Traffic Motor Home Caravan which I could actually base on your site so I would be available to you 7/24 if needed. Best regards, Harry Maurer

  2. Hello! I have previously worked for a company called Fortistar Energy Group. One of our industries was methane gas to energy power-plants, and I managed a site in Davis, California. Growing up in a family that owns a heavy construction equipment repair and rental business, Lacey heavy equipment in NY, I have attained skills such as diesel mechanics, welding, machining, equipment operation, landscaping, home and building construction, among many other things that come with the trade. I am really into green energy, renewable energy, and alternate energy and am interested in your project. Please contact me at

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